Cell and Molecular Biomechanics Lab

CMBL is part of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University! The CMBL is focused on determining the mechanism that allows cells to sense and respond to extracellular mechanical stimulation. Particularly we are interested in determining, at a cellular level, how bone tissue is regulated by physical loading. This work has applications in developing new therapies to age-related bone loss and osteoporosis. We explore this question both in cell culture identifying novel molecular targets and in quantifying the skeletal sensitivity to loading of tissue-specific conditional deletions in mice. Our current targets include focal adhesions, cytoskeletal proteins, and the cell's primary cilium.

Principal Investigator

Chris Jacobs

Christopher R. Jacobs, PhD

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

April 2018, Michael M. Sutton selected to receive a 2018 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Fellowship


Michael was selected as one of 2,000 awardees following a national competition of more than 12,000 applicants.

The program recruits high-potential, early-career scientists and engineers and supports their graduate research training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

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